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In order to fulfill our mission, NYHIMA is launching a new program for members.

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AHIMA Advocacy & Policy Update

AHIMA has launched a new Advocacy Action Page to help you better stay involved in HIM advocacy. This page has everything you need to keep up with HIM policy issues:

  • Our 2018 Public Policy Principles guiding advocacy activities 

  • A tool for looking up your elected officials and how to contact them 

  • AHIMA's official comments on current legislation and policy

  • Discuss your experiences related to policy

  • Find your election officials

Click Here to Visit AHIMA's Advocacy Action Page

Advocacy Assistant

The AHIMA Advocacy Assistant is your interactive tool to learn about and participate in the important initiatives being addressed by AHIMA in Washington, DC. You can use the AHIMA Advocacy Assistant to write to your Member of Congress, identify and learn about your elected officials, submit comments on proposed regulations, identify and contact your local media and more!

Visit Advocacy Assistant