Service and Recognition Awards

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Distinguished Member AwardThe Distinguished Member Award is NYHIMA’s highest honor. The purpose of this award is to recognize an Active Dues Paying Member of NYHIMA who has shown exemplary leadership within our organization and has made outstanding contributions to the profession and the professional association.

Those who are eligible to receive the Distinguished Member Award must have made contributions to the profession in more than one of the following areas:

  • Exemplary service to the Association. Candidates for this award have held various elected and appointed volunteer positions in the State and component local associations and have made meaningful and lasting contributions through their service, to elevate the practice of HIM.
  • Outstanding achievement in professional practice. Evidenced by their role and impact in leading change in healthcare that is aligned with HIM practice. The Candidate has represented NYHIMA and the profession at the local, state and perhaps the national level in bringing awareness and education to HIM and related healthcare issues.
  • Leadership in education. Through their mentoring and inspiration, they have guided emerging leaders in their participation in NYHIMA’s volunteer structure and have built meaningful experiences. Candidates for this award have made significant and sustained contributions to the advancement of the discipline of Health Information Management (HIM) education, and advancement of the profession through innovation and knowledge sharing.
  • Contributions in research or published materials. Candidates for this award will have made considerable contributions to the State and National association through original research or authorship, editing, or service on editorial boards for journals, books, monographs, and other publications that advances the HIM profession.

Educator Award: The Educator Award is for excellence in training new health information management (HIM) professionals. The health information, management field depends on a continual influx of well-trained new talent. The Educator Award honors those who demonstrate excellence in preparing the next generation of professionals for HIM careers. Candidates must be an Active Dues Paying Member of NYHIMA. Those who qualify are instructors who teach in a formal health information administration or health information technology program that grants associate, baccalaureate, or master’s degree, and who:

  • Exemplifies excellence in teaching;
  • Develops and implements creative teaching tools and methods;
  • Demonstrate high standards of excellence and high expectations of students;
  • Instructor has impact as a role model;
  • Shows commitment to student mentoring in the classroom and beyond; and
  • Has provided outstanding contributions in the research base of the HIM field.

Literary Award: The candidates must be an Active Dues Paying Member of NYHIMA and the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of published material that meets the selection criteria:

  • Published materials must be available to the health information profession through publication in a recognized professional journal, recognized professional association, or recognized publisher.
  • Published material must be a book or book chapter, journal article, monograph or instructional guide.
  • Materials other than books must be published within two years of the time of nomination.
  • Material must make a significant contribution to the health information/informatics use or management as it relates to any aspect of the health care delivery system in one or more of the following:
  • Criteria used for the Literary Award include:
    • Presents new concepts.
    • Presents an expansion, further development or revision of old concepts.
    • Presents practical ideas and information on a current area of health information practice.

Mentor Award: The Mentor Award honors individuals that have demonstrated excellence in mentoring and encouraging students or colleagues to realize their full potential or have helped them find ways to achieve their best. Qualifications include those professional colleagues who touch our lives and support us toward new horizons. Candidates must be an Active Dues Paying Member of NYHIMA. The candidate should have made contributions to the profession in more than one of the following:

  • Encouraged professionals to become involved with NYHIMA/AHIMA activities as well as local activities of their Component Local Association.
  • Fostered enthusiasm for the profession.
  • Provided ongoing, long term career guidance to one or more HIM professionals.
  • Supported the training process for new professionals through teaching, serving on panel presentations, and advising individual students or new professionals in the profession.
  • Demonstrated a record of motivating individuals to enter the HIM profession.
  • Professional Practice Site Supervisor.

Joel Schwartz Rising Star Award: The Joel Schwartz Rising Star Award was initially established to honor Joel Schwartz of Hypertype and recognize his contributions to the transcription field and our profession. His commitment to provide exceptional service to facilities throughout New York State and his dedication to the state and local HIM associations. One award of up to $500 is given to an HIM professional who has made great strides and contribution to the HIM field. To be considered for this award, a candidate must:

  • Be an Active Dues Paying Member of NYHIMA.
  • Work in the HIM field for at least five years.
  • Demonstrate expertise, passion, and the ability to inspire others.
  • Willingness to change tradition, take risks, think critically and to lead others in these processes.
  • Exceptional problem-solving ability with the capacity to envision the “big picture” in health information management and to make decisions accordingly.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the HIM profession through active participation in local and/or state NYHIMA activities.

The Peter Micallef Volunteer Award: The purpose of the Peter Micallef Volunteer Award is to honor an Active Dues Paying Member of NYHIMA who has served as a consistent and exemplary volunteer supporting the mission of NYHIMA. Individuals may be nominated for this award whose exceptional and consistent (minimum of three years) volunteer service has contributed to the advancement of the profession. Criteria include:

  • Provided exemplary volunteer services and made significant contributions to the profession while consistently serving in a variety of volunteer positions at the NYHIMA level as an officer, director, committee chair, task force chair and/or member.
  • Frequent presentations in local or NYHIMA workshops, meetings, seminars or conferences on a volunteer basis.

HIM Industry Champion Award: This award recognizes those individuals who have worked tirelessly to support the HIM profession by advancing NYHIMA’s leadership position. Nominees need not be Active Dues Paying NYHIMA members; they may be individuals, organizations, or companies that worked for NYHIMA on a contractual basis. Documentation of the nominee’s support of NYHIMA must be submitted. Examples of commendable services include:

  • Advancing legislative initiatives that promote the interests of the HIM profession.
  • Serving the needs of NYHIMA members through advocacy of patient’s rights and confidentiality; educating the public on health information; or support and promotion of professional practice standards;
  • Significant financial support of key NYHIMA initiatives through sponsorship of special programs, scholarships, or grants.

Outstanding Senior Student Award: The Outstanding Senior Student Award is presented to a senior student in a CAHIM Accredited Associate or Baccalaureate HIM Program. The nominee should be selected by a faculty with approval from the Program Director. Criteria for selection is based on superior scholarship, integrity, initiative, enthusiasm, and demonstrated professional potential. The nominee should be a NYHIMA student member in good standing and be planning employment in the profession following graduation.

Clinical Preceptor Award: This award is presented in recognition of the efforts of outstanding clinical preceptors. The director of each program may nominate one individual to receive this award. The nominee should be an active member in good standing of NYHIMA. [If you’re unsure of a nominee’s status, please contact the Central Office for verification.]