Thank you to all of NYHIMA's 2021-2022 Corporate Partners!


Dolbey - Topp Business Solutions

Dolbey was ranked #1 by KLAS for Computer-Assisted Coding for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021 and Front-End Speech Recognition – Imaging for 2018, 2019 & 2021. Since 1914, we have consistently evolved our products, incorporating the latest technologies to meet the demands of the healthcare community. The Fusion Suite of solutions improves productivity while delivering better documentation which improves patient care and includes CAC, CDI, CAPD, Speech Recognition, Transcription & Dictation.

Ciox Health

Every record represents a real person. Each data point is a potential game-changer in someone’s life: a connection to be understood and acted upon. And so our goal is to enable greater health by improving the way health information is managed. For 40 years, Ciox has advanced the healthcare industry through better health information management and exchange of health information. Our broad reach in medical records extends across industries, allowing us to modernize workflows, facilitate access to clinical data, and improve the accuracy and flow of health information. We help our clients manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimized revenue, and better patient outcomes.

Charter Oak State College

Health Care Professionals!  Searching for an online College dedicated to today’s Health Care workforce?  Charter Oak State College ( is a  public online college, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Certificate programs in high-demand fields including CAHIIM-accredited Health Information Management, Health Informatics, Health Care Administration and Clinical Documentation Improvement. Our programs are developed by experts in the field, and our courses are online and taught by faculty with real world experience!  The College offers flexible credit transfer and accepts credit for qualified credentials.  We’ve been teaching online for over two decades!  We’re ready when you are.  Let’s get started!  Charter Oak is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.


Solarity’s powerful automation engine drives informed healthcare decisions for all industry stakeholders: patients, providers, and payers. We are the only solution that enables the promise of interoperability, to ultimately deliver unparalleled patient care.  Today, 80% of healthcare data is unstructured and underused. The ever-evolving EHR ecosystem, such as interoperability standards and interfaces, is accelerating the complexity of this issue.  Solarity makes sense of this disparate data landscape. Our artificial intelligence platform analyzes and ingests all external patient data – no matter its source, format, or size – in real-time so that it is operationalized for life-changing clinical use. Trusted by the nation’s leading healthcare institutions, Solarity revolutionizes healthcare delivery, while mitigating costs and transforming workflows.


DataGen's healthcare analytics provide actionable insights for your organization. We focus on payment policy changes, value-based programs and market dynamics – profiling your regional market dynamics, measuring your financial and quality performance and informing your advocacy positions.


Our Founder, Manny Peña, launched Pena4 with one primary goal: to develop collaborative, outsourced workforce solutions that bridge the gap between people and technology. Today, our vision remains the same. Pena4 is dedicated to creating customized, remote revenue cycle management and virtual staffing strategies that increase our clients' financial and operational health.

MedReview Inc.

MedReview has been a leading authority in payment integrity for more than 40 years. As a physician-led organization with a passion for ensuring healthcare claims represent care provided, MedReview provides timely, accurate independent audits and clinical validation of provider claims, saving our clients billions of dollars.



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