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The Health Information Management Professional plays an important role in the health care delivery system. HIM professionals collect and manage the information used in providing informational support for the provision of health care, planning for services, obtaining appropriate reimbursement payments from insurers, and performing research. Health information managers interact with physicians, administrators, and other allied health professionals to contribute to the quality of patient care, medical research and education, and to plan for and evaluate the delivery of health services. 

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  • Health Information Technicians graduate from an associates program in medical record technology or an Independent Study Program offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). They are prepared for technical positions or supervision.

  • Health Information Administrators graduate from a baccalaureate program or postgraduate program in medical record administration or health information management. Graduates of both programs become credentialed by AHIMA after passing a national certification examination.

Employment opportunities are available at all levels from technical to administrative positions in an ever expanding variety of settings; including hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care facilities, physicians' offices, government agencies involved in health care, insurance companies, attorneys' offices, industry, Department of Health, correctional facilities, medical research companies, veterinary facilities, pharmaceutical companies, education, and independent consulting.

HIM professionals are uniquely qualified for management and technical positions in medical records, quality assurance, utilization review, tumor registry, and risk management.